COBOL-IT welcomes you to the latest generation company dedicated to your COBOL applications.

COBOL-IT declares an end to proprietary COBOL compilers with the first professionally supported open source COBOL compiler. There are no compiler licenses and no runtime licenses, other than the forever free GNU Public License.

COBOL-IT provides you :

COBOL-IT believes that the software world is undergoing an irreversible evolution toward Open Source Software. The future business model will be open license products with professional services fairly priced and reliably delivered.

At COBOL-IT, Open Source means that COBOL-IT listens to your needs, and support you now and throughout your development life cycle with customized services tailored to your exact requirements. At COBOL-IT, there are no compiler and COBOL runtime licenses: COBOL-IT's goal is to work with you on your COBOL projects with a range of services based on our Open Source COBOL software.

At COBOL-IT, Open Source means Creativity, Confidence, Competence, Consulting. These concepts define COBOL-IT 's values!
In addition to the information on our Web site, you may interact with developers, engineers, and the entire COBOL-IT staff on our online exchange forum dedicated to the COBOL-IT Open Source environment