Cue Metamon is a privately held company that specializes in software tool development for IBM mainframes. Their software is practical, easy to use, affordable, and well supported.

Cue Metamon has developed mainframe software tools since 1987. 

The  tools prove that the perception that mainframe software must be incredibly expensive to be any good need not be true. They offer innovative products with pricing that is hard to beat. Naturally and use their own tools for their own development activity. They also respond to their customers and constantly enhance their tools to keep pace with the changing needs of modern business.

Perhaps the high price of third-party software, and the difficulties of installing and using such tools, is putting pressure on your budgets, or even causing you to contemplate moving away from the mainframe entirely. As pioneers in reducing mainframe licensing costs and empowering mainframe professionals, Cue Metamon knows that the mainframe platform is sound and the cost model is favorable. Rather than throw out all of the many years of expertise you have developed on your systems, maybe you simply need to look at the tools that your existing staff rely on. As new staff come on board, their range of legacy discovery tools will increase the capabilities and productivity of the programming team in fixing problems, testing changes, and understanding legacy applications.