SoftwareMining is a leading developer and provider of COBOL legacy application transformation tools and services. It exists to unlock value in legacy systems by transforming them into Java/JSP, Delphi or C++ through a unique, heuristics-led, semi-automated process developed by Dr Cyrus Montakab.

SoftwareMining was founded in 1993 by Dr Montakab, an experienced software engineer. Dr Montakab is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SoftwareMining's tools were developed originally from a project of Dr Montakab's, using his knowledge of AI to create CORECT, the Cobol Reverse Engineering Translation Tool. CORECT was created to translate COBOL into 4GL, then Visual Basic and, more recently Delphi and Java - which it generates as an Applet or Application.

By 1999 CORECT was able to generate Java code for HTML/Servlet architecture and in 2000 additional development resources were brought in to handle J2EE and XML as well as produce flowcharts and documentation from the source COBOL code, thus offering the market a uniquely valuable, affordable and commercially risk-free alternative to the byte-code translators available from competitor organisations.

SoftwareMining now produces commercial transformation tools and offers a total transformation service package through strategic partnerships with companies that support and enhance CORECT, and provide migration services on four continents. SoftwareMining also provides architecture design and programming consultancy in e-commerce, migration and transformation to global companies such as Deutsche Bank, Sema Group, and SwissRe Insurance. SoftwareMining is a registered technology partner of IBM, Borland and Sun Microsystems, as well as an active member of OMG Legacy Transformation Work Group. 

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