Professional Services

Mainframe Products

For our mainframe products, primarily CA-IDMS related products we can provide on-site consultancy on request. All our CA-IDMS consultants have a minimum of 10-15 years experience with CA-IDMS and the related products. We specialize in complete audit of your CA-IDMS environment, Database Administration and Performance and Tuning of your CA-IDMS environment.

We also provide in-house CA-IDMS training. In fact, a lot of our training assignments come from Computer Associates. We can also provide you with courses specially tailor-made for you.

Other Platforms

We can also provide consultancy and DBA support to Oracle and Sybase users. We were chosen the Best Reseller in 1998/1999/2000 by Sybase and we are now expanding our activities in Oracle.

Other Services

For the PowerDesigner and PowerBuilder series products we can provide complete training. This could be either at your premises or with Sybase or our partner InfoSupport.