DBA Tool

EZ Manage SQL
At FutureIT it is their mission to make Microsoft SQL management easy. They do this by offering plug-and-play competitively priced solutions for comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server management including backup and monitoring.

EZ Source Application Mapping
EZ Source fully automates Application analysis, documentation and measurement, helping organisations with the real world problem of managing their existing Application portfolio.

EZ Source Enterprise Server
Many organizations will have existing infrastructure that is complementary to the EZ Source analysis capabilities. The product therefore provides a wide range of integration options so that EZ Source can be populated, or provide data to be both current in its analysis and add value to other products. Some examples are:

- Source Configuration Management Systems - automatically loading and propagating changes when they occur

- Planning - export of Applications metrics to Excel for work planning and estimation

- EZ Source API - exporting data from the EZ Source repository to other systems such as Enterprise CMDB

EZ Source Reporting Portal
EZ Source Reporting Portal (EZ Reports) is a combination of a CIO dashboard and a reporting portal, based on the EZ Source repository. It presents high level consolidated information about the inventory of IT assets, their utilization, complexity and resource consumption.

A high level interface to the complex nature of database administration, covering all tasks common to such work.

Schema Plus
A PC-based software product designed for the CA-IDMS database environment.