Products to convert and/or migrate application and data of mainframe legacy systems

COBOL Transformation Toolkit: CORECT
COBOL Transformation Toolkit (CORECT) is designed to allow organisations move away from the restrictions and inherent costs associated with COBOL applications yet retain their investment in their legacy systems.

COBOL-IT Complier Suite

COBOL-IT XML Solutions

datanovata is a revolutionary new tool from HTWC that gives your end-users immediate access to archived data as and when needed.

EZ Source Application Mapping
EZ Source fully automates Application analysis, documentation and measurement, helping organisations with the real world problem of managing their existing Application portfolio.

Forecross Migration Solutions
The Forecross Convert product line is a fully automated migration solution consisting of...

H2R (Hierarchical To Relational) is a data migration application that facilitates a move of hirarchcal databases like IMS/DB, (or DL/1) to a relational database system (e.g. SQL DB2, Oracle, etc.).

ICON is a suite of integrated tools and methodologies which allow organizations to automatically gather and analyze data about legacy applications.

Knowledge Sharing Portal

Knowledge Sharing Portal

Knowledge Sharing Portal (KPS)
KPS is a Knowledge Sharing Portal that allows the User to consult, implement and search the information and the documentation of the software asset in Wiki Mode.
KPS provides personalized dashboards customized to the Users, in order to support the Management in strategic business decision with objective data.

Legacy Modernization
Tiburon's legacy modernization engagements have been in key industries such as manufacturing, transportation, insurance, health care, government, automotive, aerospace & defense and financial applications with Fortune 1000 companies. We are a National Strategic and Certified Consulting Partner (CCP) for Computer Associates and also Business and Development Partners with Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. We have been recognized in these affiliations and certifications because of our expertise and commitment to the various products and technologies represented by each vendor. Our partnerships are a reflection of the technologies of choice that our clients are implementing.

SEA Manager

SEA Manager

SEA Manager
Your software area represents a priceless historic heritage and acquired expertise. In order to preserve this fundamental asset, we realized SEA Manager, a collection of IT modules that allows to fast recovering and the sharing of company knowledge starting from operating system.
SEA Manager gets in touch process and IT experts, supplying a global vision of the business and the complete mastery of complex systems.

SEA Manager is able to analyse the spource code automatically in order to produce: gap analysis, impact analysis, reverse engineering and software migration.

SEA Mananger is able to analyze and re-modernize software assets, which might be:

* complex;
* technically heterogeneous;
* custom;
* stratified due to many intervention;
* deeply integrated in a specific application context.

SEA Manager offers Process and Migration Modules.

Generate WSDL from a COBOL CopyBook.

VSAM to Relational greatly increases data access, performance and options, unlocking new system capability without requiring modifications to existing legacy applications.

XFRAME is a complete mainfraem Mainframe Migration and re-hosting suite of applicatons and services, designed to shift Mainframe workloads to open systems, like Windows, UNIX or LINUX.