Developer Tools

This is an overview of our Developer tools.

COBOL Analyzer
COBOL Analyzer assesses legacy applications, creates a repository and inventory of the applications' components, and establishes the relationships between them. The tool collects the legacy information into the inventory, analyzes it, stores the results in a repository and presents it in a user-friendly way with various graphs and reports.

COBOL-IT Developer Studio
Developer Studio is built as a plug-in to the Eclipse development environment.

COBOL-IT Precompiler for MySQL

COBOL-IT Precompiler for PostgreSQL

DataWindow .NET


Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect provides the ultimate solution for all your modeling needs. Incorporating and embracing the full life-cycle of system development, it provides the best solution for increasing productivity in the workplace. Developed with user requirements in mind, Sparx has produced these products following the latest technology trends for the ever evolving technology world. With access to plug-ins to smoothly join EA with other development programs, EA is your one-stop solution for system development.


Metamon for CICS

MicroTOOL Suite .NET

MIMER SQL Embedded
Mimer SQL Embedded is a fully-fledged, relational DBMS with complete support for the SQL standard.

Mimer SQL Engine is a complete relational DBMS perfectly suited for building into any software application distributed in mass volume. It is also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a DBMS for mission-critical systems.

Mimer SQL Mobile is a small footprint relational DBMS for cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.


PowerBuilder is the market favorite 4GL RAD development product. It's loaded with features that make development easy. And, it's the only development tool that makes data access simple and easy with the patented DataWindow component. PowerBulider empowers developers to get the job done fast.

QBE Vision Professional Developer
A comprehensive development tool for all Windows platforms and supports the development of a full range of systems, from the simple to the very advanced.