COBOL Analyzer (NexxIT)

Legacy Understanding Tool

One of my favorites, a must have, was from NexxIt called "CobolAnalyser", which does precisely what the name says. It is one step above anything that I have seen before in both presentation and adaptability.

- Martin Pagnan, Software Architect Consultant -

COBOL AnalyzerNexxIT's Analyzer assesses legacy applications, creates a repository and inventory of the applications' components, and establishes the relationships between them. The tool collects the legacy information into the inventory, analyzes it, stores the results in a repository and presents it in a user-friendly way with various graphs and reports.

Analyzer process can assist everyday legacy maintenance, precede a process of legacy migration, component mining, or even rewriting the legacy application, since it supports the decision making process by providing understanding of the legacy system. COBOL Analyzer currently support most of the COBOL dialects such as HP COBOL, RM COBOL, MF COBOL, AcuCobol ANSI 74/85, UNIX COBOL, IBM COBOL, WANG COBOL, etc.

Parsing decomposes, extracts, and categorizes information of a program's source code. Parsed information is stored in repository and deployed through various formats of report.

Benefits of Analyzer

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